Arbor Academy Trust strives for excellence across it schools and provides an inclusive curriculum that celebrates the social and cultural diversity of students. The Trust’s ethos of encouraging positive behaviour is based on the five Cs – care, courtesy, commitment, consideration and co-operation. Trust schools will deliver on these values by:


  • Raising the standard of every school to 'Outstanding';
  • Expecting pupils to meet or exceed their potential; and
  • Delivering a best model for governance for each school that joins the Trust.



Arbor Academy Trust



Marcia Douet

Michael Russell

Paul Lyons



Marcia Douet (Chair)

 Bobby Friedman

Graham Moss (Vice-Chair)

Maureen Okoye (Chief Executive)

Michael Russell

Helen Wagner

Jaqueline Westaway



Sarah Falola (Parent)

Martha Kilner (Parent)

Tamie Kyriakou (Parent)

Fiona Sinclair (Parent)

Annette Loakes (Trustee appointment) (Also a Parent)

Imran Patel (Trustee appointment)

Lesley Pikesley (Trustee appointment)

Jenni Walsh (Trustee appointment) (Also a Parent)

Margaret Skeete (Staff appointment)

Lisa Bogle (Head of School)

Bronwen Chalmers (Head of School)


If you would like to contact the chair of the Trust, Marcia Douet, please contact the school office.



Selwyn Primary School

Cavendish Road,

Highams Park,


E4 9NG






Main Telephone:

020 8527 3814

Fax: 0208 523 3230




Chief Executive - Maureen Okoye

Executive Principal – Jason Cook

Head of School – Lisa Bogle



School hours

Office Hours

8.30am - 4.30pm